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Fall 2020 Lessons Update


A limited number of spots are open for my Fall 2020 teaching schedule.


I'm planning to offer virtual flute lessons and a limited number of in-person lessons as long as appropriate safety measures are taken. This includes keeping 12+ feet distance, wearing a mask and plastic face shield, and installing a plastic barrier between myself and the students. 

I am developing a semester-long virtual lesson plan for students at all levels to ensure that students can still make good progress given the limitations of virtual learning. 


My studio is located off Poplar and I-240 but I will also be offering lessons at some students' homes if proper social distancing can be maintained. Outside lessons are also an option, weather permitting, of course.

* If I do have a few in-person students, I will regularly be tested for the virus and not meet in person if there is the slightest chance I may have been exposed.