My teaching studio is open to students of all ages and levels, from beginning students to students looking to persue a career in music. I believe that learning a musical instrument is a wonderful thing to do at any age. Studying music and learning to play an instrument is not only fun, but can also promote the development of many important life skills such as patience, problem-solving, discipline, concentration, and good communication skills. 



In lessons, students will focus on developing good tone, technique, and musicality through exercises, etudes, and the flute repertoire. Students will also learn about other aspects of music, such as music theory and music history, so that they may develop a more thorough understanding of music.  It is my goal to help my students reach their highest potential as flutists and musicians, whether their goals are to make the top honor band, to earn a music scholarship for college, to move up three chairs in their school band, or to learn the flute later in life as way to enjoy music in their everyday lives. 









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